Dental Office


Terrace with spectacular view


  Fall in love with the panoramic coast from the scenic terrace.


  There is full self-catering access to the bar and kitchen areas on the terrace, equipped with variety of kitchen appliances, dishware and cutlery.


  The self-catering areas provide convenience for preparing a meal or simply sitting down and enjoying cool beverage after an eventful day.


  The terrace is a perfect place for making new acquaintances or life-long friendships.


  Feel free to enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, sandwiches or class of wine/beer. 




Vila Reni Obzor - gradina  2 Vila Reni Obzor - gradina 12

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vila Reni gr. Obzor -apartament 2

No3 50

Vila Reni Obzor terasa 3


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