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Villa Reny, Obzor, Bulgaria, 100 m away from the Black Sea-guest house with the comforts of hotel


  Villa-Reny - our guest house is situated 100m away from the Black Sea.


   We offer a holiday in guest rooms with the comforts of a hotel accommodation. The guest house has double rooms, triple rooms and suites. Each room comes with a bathroom, cable TV, refrigerator, air- conditioner.
All rooms on the second floor have balconies, some of them with a panoramic view
to the Black Sea.

    Feel free to enjoy a cup of coffee from our relaxing café- terrace overlooking the Black Sea shore.
The terrace is equipped with kitchen area, bar area, large refrigerator, tables and chairs for use by our guests. There are also available, two kitchen spaces for self-catering. The terrace is a great place to make new friends and share your holiday experience.


   You will have the chance to spend your summer holiday, only 100 meters away from the beautiful BlackSea. Obzor is top ranked for its largest and spacious beachon the BulgarianBlack Sea coast. Its geographical locations offers a unique weather experience, combining both sea and mountain microclimates.





Vila Reni Obzor - kashta za gosti

 Vila Reni - nash dom 2

Vila Reni - nash dom 3

Vila Reni - nash dom 4

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