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About the Town of Obzor



  Obzor is a small beach town located on the Black Sea shore full with sunshine. It offers a unique combination of mountain and beach climates, due its geographical location on the foothills of “Stara Planina (Old Mountain)” - the largest in Bulgaria.


  The famous beach in Obzor is top ranked as largest beach in Bulgaria. It combines the relaxation of a small beach town with the convenience of the nearby summer touristy attractions such as Sunny Beach (30 km), Varna and Burgas (60 km). Here you will be able to spend a lovely summer vacation and enjoy the beauty of the Bulgarian Black Sea.You will be able to choose from a number of busy large Hotels and cozy privately owned guest houses and family retreats. 


  The town of Obzor offers a variety of water sports; jet ski, water cycles, parasailing, beach ATVs, beach volleyball, free beach access, beach walks, and many more. There are a number of Tiki bars and beach night clubs, restaurants and coffee shops. There is also a variety of kids attractions such as the summer international children festival from across Europe and two open air summer movie theaters. 

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