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  • Families with children appreciate
  • Villa Reny because of its proximity to the Black Sea (80-100 meters)
  •  All rooms and common areas are cleaned every day
  •  There is an ironing area with ironing board and iron
  •  There is free Wi-Fi , There is parking (4 spaces)
  • There is a playground with swing setNearby (50 meters) there is a summer  for the kids
  • Also nearby, there are two lovely green parks with a number of attractions for the kids (pony rides, electric bikes and water spheres).
  • There is also an open-air fitness area for the adults.
  • Close by is also a historical open-air summer theater, where there are free to the public concerts and shows (the international children’s art festival is held there)
  • Nearby, there is a large number of restaurants and places to eat, varying in rates and taste preferences.
  • The city center is 15 minutes away.
  • You can explore this cozy beach town on foot; no need for public transportation.     

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 browse more pictures here>>

 vila Reni gr. Obzor -dopalnitelni ekstri 8 vila Reni gr. Obzor -dopalnitelni ekstri 6

vila Reni gr. Obzor -dopalnitelni ekstri

vila Reni gr. Obzor -dopalnitelni ekstri 2

vila Reni gr. Obzor -dopalnitelni ekstri 3

vila Reni gr. Obzor -dopalnitelni ekstri 5

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